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Monday, August 23, 2004


My but it was a busy week last week. We spent a lot of time finishing up cleaning up the place in preparation for our house warming party Saturday. Part of that involved buying a tractor and trying to find a bush hog to mow our acres and acres of weeds with. It also involved me attending my final HOA board meeting. Reality finally hit me that I really don't have time to be thinking about the HOA (where we rent out a condo) which is now 45 minutes away while we're setting up the ranch! It's been 9 years that I've been on the board, so I'm sad to leave it behind. On the other hand, I guess you could say I've put my time in.

The party was a great success - sorry no pictures to post, I was having way too much fun socializing! We got a lot of horse name suggestions... no names to report yet. The 'Boys', however, are settling in well. We're just waiting for some health paperwork to finally start mixing them with Jordan and Shoni.

Needless to say, I haven't had time to prepare an entry, but as it's been over a week I wanted to post something. So here are some random Lessons Learned:

16 foot panels wont's fit in the back of a pickup truck. Even one with a long bed and the tail gate down. No really, take my word for it because we tried valliantly. We loaded not just one, not two, but 3 16-ft pannels into the back of our truck, eventually having to find a trough to prop up the end to prevent them from sliding out. We then tried to figure out how we'd move the truck - should I walk behind to hold them in? But then we realized that they were too long to fit in the space where the other panels were stacked anyway, so we decided to bag it, unload them right there and hand carry them to a different location.

No wonder they offered to leave the stall mats. Because the darn things weigh a ton! Stall mats are 4' x 6' mats made of essentially tire rubber and are 3/4" thick. We decided we wanted to overhaul the stalls because a lot of shavings have been pushed under the edges of the mats causing them to no longer sit flat. My goodness - we overhauled two stalls a few weeks ago and that was more than we could manage! We still have to put the mats back in. And now there are still 11 stalls yet to come.

Insulation is a good thing. The big barn is very well insulated, and it ramains much cooler than outside throughout the day. The small barn - not a stitch of insulation and was a sauna on a relatively cool Sunday morning.

Weeds are a bad thing. We'd been in the house about 5 days when some agents from the county oh so politely stopped by to notify us that we have to control the thistle on the property. Easier said than done, and likely will be it's own entry here pretty soon. Stay tuned.

It be dark out thar. Once again working late, came home after full dark the other night. I got totally disoriented on our road and nearly turned around thinking I'd passed our driveway. But no - another mile on there it was. We did get a small (2x2) laminated temporary sign up on the road of our logo, just in time for the party - this is going to prove a useful guide in designing our permanent sign as it really is still way too small to read as you're driving by.



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