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Monday, August 09, 2004

She's Mine - ALL MINE

I know this is out of order, but we've been.. shall we all say it together? BUSY. So bear with me, I'm going to back up in time several days.

Sunday Jordan fell in the Pond. The vet warned us he'd probably be sore from his ordeal, so we kept them in on Monday. Well, that and the fact that David was home alone on Monday and didn't think he wanted to tackle the task of pulling him out again alone, should Jordan be just dumb enough to go in a second time.

Tuesday Dave and Ginger turned them out again under strict supervision for their second day in pasture. Well - I'm pleased to say Jordan didn't go near the water. What he did do, however, was spend nearly two hours herding Shoni away from the North fenceline. You see, the neighbors to the north have this sweet black gelding who is all alone and eager for companionship.


Boy, Jordan goes through all the motions - the snaking head, nipping, wheeling on his heels - what ever it takes to keep her as far away from that gelding as possible. Unfortunately, the gate we'd like to use is the north gate. Well, absolutely no luck was to be had enticing the two of them to come in willingly. Jordan had to be caught - after which Shoni went running! across the pasture to visit the gelding. Surely this was the alure of the forbidden fruit, because as soon as she'd said "Hi," she turned back to grazing. To be sure, Jordan was about fit to be tied at this.

Wednesday I arrived home planning to ride, and found Jordan in pasture and Ginger riding Shoni in the arena. Jordan was running back and forth and causing all sorts of a fuss, while Shoni was behaving very well for Ginger. Lets just say I didn't need to spend anytime warming up for our ride at least!

We're looking at a few more horses this weekend, I hope that expanding our herd will help mellow Jordan out. It's not like he hasn't been in a mixed gender pen for the last 3 years!
Oh, and I've got to add this ancedote: A friend related to me in response to the Jordan in the pond story, that she has an acquaintence who used to turn his horses out. Each would run the fenceline in opposite directions and then crash into eachother on the other side! Huum, guess we're not the only ones with goofy horses.


This past weekend (8/7 & 8/9), the horses were out all day both days - and they... acted like normal horses! Hooray. Sunday we even got them to TROT up to us when it was time to go in for dinner. I swear, their behavior from one day to the next is like night and day.

We looked at two more horses on Sunday, and put a desposit on one, a skinny Appaloosa. Pretty ugly, but behaves beautifully. We're looking for one more in the immediate future - which would bring us to 3 lesson horses, plus Jordan.



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