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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mustang Adoption?

At Expo Ginger had spoken with two of the BLM / Prison training program for quite some time. They were enthusiastic about having one of their saddle trained horses go into a lesson program, and we all fell in love with that little Taz horse. They told Ginger that another horse was going to be coming available in a few weeks. She stayed in touch with them and got the heads up that this past Monday this special gelding would be posted. Once they are on the website they are fair game to whom ever calls in first to put a hold on them. All morning Ginger watched the website, and early afternoon several horses appeared. BamBam (I hate the name!) is the gelding the program director thinks would work well for us - he's a very nice looking buckskin gelding. Ginger called and put a hold on him.

Now the process is for us to make the trek down to Canon City for one of their two visiting days a month. Tomorrow is their next visiting day. Since I'm in Albuquerque on business, Dave and Ginger will head down. They are to arrive no later than 9:00 am, meaning they will have to get a very early start. Since the training facility is within the prison complex, they also have to run background checks on the people coming to visit. Guess they don't want potential adopters instigating a break out or something.

The big question is do they take the trailer with them when they go. If they like the horse, they will be allowed to bring him back immediately. But that is a heck of a long way to drive truck and trailer and come back empty handed. Plus it will make their trip that much slower. The adoption program can deliver the horse - but timing may be an issue. We are running very short on time before we need horses that can be put to use for the lessons, so we would want him, or any other new horse, at our place immediately.

We also have a lead on 3 or possibly 4 other horses to see this weekend... Not sure when our other projects are going to get done what with all this horse buying going on. The septic perc test was conducted Tuesday, and we've applied for the electrical permit to put in new electrical for both barns. Meanwhile my sister just asked for an update on the basement buildout plans - "wha-huh?". We've always intended to finish the basement to be Ginger's home, but we also said that would wait until we had the time and funds. We have absolutely none of either, so for some time to come we'll continue to be housemates.



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