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Monday, April 25, 2005

I met Tyler Hamilton!

So, not sure why it's so exciting to be able to say that, but I figure you gotta get excited about life every once in a while.

This weekend was the annual fundraiser for the Boulder Valley Humane Society - it is a huge silent auction and live auction that seriously puts every other event we've been to to shame. I know they raised over $80K just in the asking for cash donations part at the end of the live auction - all told they must bring in a few hundred K. In anycase Tyler Hamilton donated a training ride and breakfast with him, so he was in attendance.

Tyler is, if you don't know, a world class cyclist - ridden in the Tour de France 8(??) times and won a gold medal at Athens last year. Two years ago he fell and broke his collar bone on one of the first days of the Tour - and not only completed the 21 day race but actually placed very high (top 10 individuals I think?) It was that performance that caused me to first pay attention to who he was.

In any case he is a Boulderite and lives and trains here much of the year, but we've never run across him before. FINALLY a moment came when he didn't have anyone else fawning over him - so I stepped up to fill in the lull. We met his wife and found them both charming (not to mention gracious enought to spend time talking to all the strangers who approached out of nowhere). He has been active supporting the National MS Society the past few years, so I thanked him for his support, telling him that we'll be riding the MS150 for the 10th time this year. Turned out to be a handy conversation topic, because really, what else could I say but 'I've seen you ride your bike on TV!'



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