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Monday, May 09, 2005

It must be spring

Our neighbors have several cows, and we've been on calf watch for several weeks. Actually, the first one came some time ago, and we were concerned that the others must have miscarried or something becuase we didn't see any new babies. Welp, yesterday we got one, and this morning we got another. They are so cute!

The 'old timer

Most of the crew

Brand spankin' new one --- waaaay over on the other side of the

Actually, I was hard pressed not to name this entry 'More Cows!' given the last entry's title, but that would'a given it away.


Other updates - since I started the lesson saga, guess I should update that lessons went very well this weekend. The weather was still a bit cloudy, but the sun came out just in time for the lesson and the mud was gone. Once again we had quite the audience for the Saturday kids class - we're seriously considering installing a new policy of no more than one carload of spectators per student! (count 'em - that's 7 cars, and we only have 4 riders in this class)

Ramsey and Blew are settling in just fine, and even better - their owner seems to be as well.

David and Roger worked to complete the electrical inside the big barn yesterday, and had an enormously hard time fishing the wire through the short section of conduit he'd put up. They ended up bringing in the tractor so that they could anchor a come-a-long to it and use that to pull the wire. Needless to say, the remaining conduit was first fed onto the wire and then mounted. Far from ideal, but we got it done. Dave now only has to connect the wires to the boxes at either end and we'll be done!



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