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Sunday, May 08, 2005

More Horses!

Last Wednesday I got home from work and was changing clothes when the phone rang. Turns out it was a friend of a friend whom we'd met recently - inquiring as to whether we had openings for horse boarding! I said absolutely we do. She's been boarding her two geldings at a place for some time, and that day had gotten so annoyed with something that the management had done that she was looking to move her horses somewhere else. She said she didn't know where to turn to, since someone else had mentioned that 'every barn' is having troubles. Then she remembered she'd kept our flier from a few weeks ago when we saw her at a fund raiser.

It turns out that she lives quite close to us, so she came right over to see the place. She was still pretty upset, but she liked the look of our facility. I sent her home with a copy of our boarding contract and a promise to speak in a few days (she'd admitted her husband had told her not to sign anything in her state of mind, which I thought a good idea.)

Well, she called me the next morning on my way to work. "Sorry for calling your cell phone," she started, "but I got your number from your ... barn hand." My barn hand? Cool! - didn't know we had one of those. Oh - you must mean David. He wasn't particularly flattered (of course I had to call him immediately and tell him what she'd called him). So if you get a chance to see Dave and want to goad him a little bit, just call him the barn hand. Anyways, she was calling to say she wanted to move her horses this weekend.

Meet our first boarded residents: Blew and Ramsey

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a business gets born.



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