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Monday, August 30, 2004

The boys went out to the welcome pen

The boys went out to the welcome pen Thursday for the first time. Jordan was put out in pasture, the boys were put in the pen, and Shoni, trouble maker that she has been these past few days has been put in the barn for an attitude adjustment.

Oh, the boys do have names by now! We thank everyone who made suggestions to us; in the end we went with our own suggestions. Actually, we named them a few days ago, but I was reluctant to publish this because I know our personal track record at naming animals on our first try. True to form, one of the names we picked just isn't sticking, and I think Ginger and I have Dave ready to withdraw his veto on the name we do like.

Appy: Romeo

Because he is such a lover. Total attention hound. He also is quite the pretty boy - with the unique black and pink mottled skin on his face.

HW : Harley Windrider.

The entire time we've had him I've been calling him Hefty, or Harvey, or something. Harley just fits well - he a hefty boy, yet has that understated, laid back type of personality that evokes a harley-bike to us. The Windrider was stuck on.

Jordan spent the entire day within 20 feet of the welcome pen. And it didn't necessarily appear to be out of an attempt to be friendly. Romeo and Jordan would occassionally overlap their heads over the panels, and squeel at each other. Typcial power struggle. Harley, however, was never allowed to approach the panels.


Friday things went much the same, Jordan not straying far from the boys in the pen. Saturday we let the boys out in pasture by themselves, and left Jordan to chat with Shoni in the barn.
Sunday we finally let the boys out in pasture with Jordan, and it could not have been any less dramatic. Jordan looked over and said, 'so you're here.' Before the day was out Romeo and Jordan were seen sipping out of the water tank, (which, frankly, is quite small) together. In fact the biggest display of attitude we had was from Harley! Ears back, he moved Jordan away from the water to get his own drink. Who'd a thunk?!

Things were going so well we put Shoni out in the welcome pen. Jordan was very excited to see her, but the boys couldn't be bothered to come up from the far end of pasture. I guess the clicques are formed.



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