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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It was quite the bash

Ginger's birthday was Sunday, so her kids threw her a Surprise Birthday Party on Saturday at the ranch. Tricky thing about living on a large property - there is absolutely no way to hide the cars 'down the street' when people come over. Unless, you know, they park a few miles down the street. Or, at the neighbors. Tom and Theresa were very gracious and let us stash the cars over there, and Jess ran a shuttle back and forth.

During the week we were trying to feel Ginger out to see if she knew what was going on, but it didn't seem so. Earlier in the day I asked what she and Roger were doing for her birthday, and it was with some exasperation she said "I don't know! He's coming over to take me out... shopping or something." We chuckled, told her we'd take care of dinner feeding for the horses and wished her a good time.

I also had to chuckle over how we got Ginger to help clean the house for her own party... By a funny twist of fate Dave's parents decided to come visit this same weekend. So we'd been putting in the extra effort, mowing the lawn - twice! - etc to get the place in order, and it was convenient to say it was for the in-law's visit. Next thing I knew Ginger picked up the vaccuum and was going to town too. (We live on a ranch, it takes about 2 hours of us going in and out for the house to get noticeably dirty - after that we tend to just live with dirt for long periods of time.)

Anyways, it prooved to be a surprise. We had a great mix of people from different parts of her friends. We had a good time cheering and jeering to the DVD of photos that Roger had assembled from her baby pictures all the way through to our recent ranch adventures. Then we also watched some snippets of old home movies put on DVD - including of course the one of her horse in college who decided NOT to participate in the barrell racing event in which they were entered.

(again, apologies for the horrible pictures - my camera just can't cut action shots inside!)

Happy Birthday Ginger!



Blogger Monica said...

Hey, lookee here, this comments thing is pretty cool!

5/20/05, 9:18 AM  
Anonymous Matt F said...

Yeah it is. Nice work!

5/24/05, 3:39 PM  
Anonymous Jessica h said...

This is great! I'm glad you did it!

6/1/05, 9:09 PM  

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