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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Show and Demo

This weekend was the annual BCHA Fun Show, to which we take riders to show. Last year was nearly an utter disaster, as we'd unwisely planned for ALL of our lesson students to come to the show - and ended up with 50 students in that session!!!

This year we were far more strategic in asking folks to sign up for the show in addition to lessons. This way only the kids who really had an interst in showing went, and it was a much more relaxed, controlled day all together. We had 17 riders and 8 horses.

But this year I'd also managed to help coordinate the SCA Equestrians to come and do one of the demos during the day. We had 4 riders in costume and demonstrated 5 skills - Heads, Rings, Quintain, Pig Sticking and Birjas. I think we were wildly popular.

Unfortunately.... could you imagine that we didn't personally get ANY pictures of the demo? Seems Dave had the camera but was in the arena. Ginger in the stands. *headdesk*. Oh well, we know lots of other people did get pics, so we just need to get them collected up. Same with the fun show pics - we got 'em, I just need time to sort through them. So look for more posts soon on this topic.

However, we did get some before pictures. This is us, trying out our new barding!!! This one is much more period authentic for my 14th century Welsh persona. I tell you -- I'm really looking forward to the event that we get to attend and AREN'T having to sew madly to prepare for it!

We made quite the splash -- got lots of nice complements. Here are my fellow demo-riders

Lady Anne

Mistress Rossilin

Lady Morgan



Blogger Dean said...

Both of you look GREAT !!
I can't believe you did all that yourself. Very well done !

10/20/08, 6:21 PM  

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