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Friday, June 26, 2009

Surgery update - Day... 30 something

Lots of folks have been asking how Dave is. I guess that must be good news - he's recovering well enough that we are no longer focusing on the recovery. He's getting around very well, and more or less isn't encumbered by his incision any more. He's doing PT twice a week and exercises the rest of the week, and the therapist says she's pleased with his progress. I think in the next week or so we return to talk to the surgeon. Sometime. I don't really recall.

He still has a lot of painful days, but no pain no gain, right? His PT is getting more aggressive, so the added pain is somewhat expected. On his best days since the surgery, he's felt better than pre-operation. It may take awhile for that to become the standard, but it seems reasonable to count on that eventually.

We are planning on taking a road trip to San Fran in the middle of July (yeah baby! sooooo looking forward to this!) and so now the only worry is whether he'll be in shape to spend prolonged time in the car.

That reminds me, we also would like to get to a SCA Event up in Wyoming over the 4th of July. The kennel is shaping up to be busy enough we're wondering how the heck to get away. But someone suggested that we had to take the trip to WY as a practice for the CA trip. Sounds good to me: Dave's recovery depends on us heading up to GLORY. :-)



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