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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lazy Sunday

After saying our good byes to Roby and Stefano Saturday night, we still got to bed around 11 - not late, but we were both worn out from running hard for several days. So the next morning when the alarm went off at 7:30 we shut it off feeling like we deserved a little later start to the day. Well - at 11 when we woke up again - that wasn't exactly what we were planning!

Oh well, it was Sunday and we had not definite plans since we did know many of the main attractions in Florence are closed either Sunday or Monday - so to have it be those two days we were planning to spend in the city felt unfortuitous.

When in doubt - picnic.

This was the patio right outside our room at this Agriturismo. The room was quite large with a dining room and small kitchen facilities. No shower, however, just the hose with a shower head from the tub spigot. And - that was about it. They did not provide any meals, nor my goodness, internet. (Nor actually legible maps to and from their location). They did have a pretty spiffy spot however:

They raise horses too - you can see their pens at the bottom of the valley (and we could hear them throughout our stay)

But - it was unbelievably cheap at 59 Eruos a night. So we had picked up a few supplies the night before for breakfast.

Granted, as it was mid day already it was blazing hot out there, but we put up the umbrella and had a very pleasant meal while strategizing. We ended up shifting our next several days' plans, extending at this hotel one night, and shifting Venice and extending that stay one night as well - cutting out our tentative plans of visiting Basel, Switzerland.

To make the best of the rest of our Sunday afternoon we headed to Pisa. Thus began our lesson into the differences between driving the auto-strada, vs the local roads in Italy. Oh man - we unintentionally got stuck on the autostrada, and for some reason decided that taking the direct root, on small roads, would actually save time vs going nearly all the way to Florence before the highway turned west to Pisa. We were flat out wrong.

I'm pretty fond of this shot. Not many out the car window are worth sharing, but sometimes you get something cool.

3 1/2 hours later - we were on the Field of Miracles. Happy to note, however, that the return trip we did in under 2!

The Babpistry, Duomo, and Leaning tower

I have to say, all three of these buildings were dazzling white. The Leaning Tower was reopened just last year for tourists to climb up inside it, (following some stablizing engineering work) but they must have as well just completed a good scrubbing too.

The Obligatory shot.

No, we did not climb up the tower. Today was more suited as a day of picnics, aparently.

HA! I keep noticing how the wine bottle is almost at the same angle as the tower. Hee.

We had an awesome time lying on the grass, people watching. For a while a pair of guys playing guitars settled near us - flirting with a group a girls. They were talented, so we enjoyed listening. It was the perfect low key day.

In this one you can really see the change in the slant to the top layer of the tower -- there were two "corrections" made during building to try and correct the tilt, but from this angle it really looks like the top was put on just plain wrong! LOL

Our last glimpse.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perfect way of spending a Sunday! I'm sure you had a great time.
Beautiful pictures, including the obligatory one :)
A big hug

6/15/11, 7:40 AM  

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