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Monday, December 21, 2015

First Re-assessment Results - yahoo!

Dr. Caroline, our DPT, suggested that we re-assess Dave's tests monthly, following treatment.  In the end we saw her nearly weekly for the first month as she was very helpful in recovering from the liposuction.  For a few weeks he had a lot of swelling and fluid build up in his abdomen, so she was helping us sort that out.

Our initial assessment was broken into two sessions, so the re-assessment was as well.  And, due to some scheduling snafus, we didn't complete them until 5 weeks post treatment.  But the news was very positive!

Our first session was actually late in the day, and David had been fatigued all day anyways.  Yes, he continues to have good days and bad.  So we avoided the strength testing that first session and performed some more coordination testing.  She also had some before videos of him, so she took after videos too.

The videos were dramatic.  For the walking across the gym, on the retest he took his sticks but didn't think about using them.  His torso is distinctly more steady, and his gate is stronger and more straight forward.  Less using the hips to swing his legs and more using his leg muscles correctly.  Same with the sit to stand test.

When we got in again for the strength portions of the test -- well the numbers are outstanding!

Leading the charge, the 2 minute walking test on the treadmill showed a whopping 150% improvement, and he was far less tired the second go around than on the first.

I can't say how pleased we are to be working with Dr. Caroline - not just for all the advice and encouragement she has provided all these months leading up until now, but these measurements have been so instrumental in convincing us that David is making huge improvements - even when they may be easy to take for granted on a daily basis.



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