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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Stretch Armstrong

I gotta tell you, I'm getting a little tired of writing entries here that describe what an idiot my horse can be, but here is yet another opportunity.

Shoni went out in pasture with all three boys Monday afternoon, and things have gone great. Jordan occasionally makes sure he is between her and the other geldings, but often they are one happy group. That is, until we try to bring them in. Monday night I was able to snag Jordan first, so things went very smoothly. Tuesday Ginger and Dave were not able to grab Jordan, so they got Shoni and took her up to the welcome pen. Jordan freaked out and ran after them. Which would have been great, if he had just stopped running. But he didn't. He continued to run around the welcome pen, and then - decided to jump out over the gate.

Only, aparently he isn't quite the show jumper that he thought he was, caught a front leg and ended up summersaulting over the gate! Ginger and Dave said he did an impressive job of rolling with the fall at least. Then he stood up, shook himself off, and proceeded to run to his stall.

What an idiot. However, once again an early morning check before work and he seems to have escaped with nary a scrape or lameness from his own stupidity. *knocking on wood as I type*

I might just start calling him Stretch.



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