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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

1 Year Milestone #1

It was 1 year ago today that Ginger, David and I closed on the ranch. And, wow, what a crazy time that was.

At the time, David and I (and the pups) were living in the first of our temporary homes (Ginger's condo) since we'd already sold our house - and if I remember correctly we were trying to figure out where our second temporary home was going to be since Ginger had just gone under contract to sell the condo with short notice. Actually - Yes - it was while we were waiting in the lobby of the Title Company that Ginger gave us a scrap of paper with her friend's name on it who had an empty rental they would let us stay in for a few weeks.

We had just bought Shoshoni two days earlier, with the understanding that the seller would be able to keep her for a few weeks only to be told that day that that was not the case. So we were scrambling to find somewhere to put her. At the property closing we settled arrangements with the seller to let us take her to the ranch even though they were going to rent back from us for 6 weeks. Jordan moved to the ranch at the end of June.

Then began 6 weeks of us visiting the ranch frequently to see the horses. My family reunion in Estes Park conveniently fell during this time frame so much of the family also got to traipse around the barn and oogle over the seller's herd of miniature horses. Ginger sold not only her condo, but also her Broomfield townhome in which she was living. So she moved the bulk of her stuff into our rented house while she and Patches went to live with Roger for several weeks.

I have to say, I really have no desire to repeat those particular weeks, from the time we sold Deer Trail until we moved in to the Ranch, ever again. July 23rd is when things really got fun - we finally moved to the ranch! That will be the real anniversary - so I guess I'll pick this thread up again in 6 weeks.



Anonymous Brian Staton said...

You should be proud of what you've accomplished in the last year! You've negotiated a very difficult house purchase, developed a business plan, fought for the permits you needed, purchased horses and equipment, tackled countless projects to make the barn and grounds suitable and started to bring in revenue! And balanced the rest of your life and other jobs on top of that. That’s quite a feat for three people in a year. Congradulations! And thanks for sharing it with us.

6/14/05, 11:56 AM  

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