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Monday, July 18, 2005

Hanging out the Shingle

We had a few tasks this weekend, which is terribly satifying to say that we actually completed all of them! One was to put up the sign. The sign that we've been saying would go up since we moved in. Then we had the county approval headache, and didn't want to get into trouble putting up a sign if we didn't have authority to do those businesses. Then we were going to just put up the Sun Pony Ranch sign, with the intent to add another one for the Doggie stuff later. But then the sign guy told us it was much cheaper to just do one sign and we were only 2 weeks away from getting approval for the kennel at that time anyways - so another delay.

Then - amazingly, I had several difficulties finding a sign person to do it. Our original one went out of business. So I contacted 4 others with a completed sign layout, specs and everything (since the guy who went out of business had been so helpful in working these things out!!) and of the 4 only 1 ever responded. Like the sign business is so lucrative they can afford to ignore new customers?

So, what d'ya think? Worth 1000 words?

We hope so, and then some! Actually by Sunday we already had our first email inquiry - so it's doing some good.



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