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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Only 38

We're down to a very comfortable level of just 38 dogs in the kennel this evening, and it's wonderful. 22 (TWENTY TWO) dogs checked out today. It's so weird to walk around and see empty kennels - LOL! We were only full for 2 days, but now it feels like we're empty, and yet the feeding chart is still about 5 pages long.

Never the less, the day went very well. Actually much of the week has gone well. There were a few notable exceptions, but in general we were pleased. Still thinking about what and how to make things better of course. Christmas is just around the corner, after all, and we're already 3/4 booked.

Joey and Duke

It's risky getting down on the dog's level - but sometimes it's worth it.

This trio stays with us frequently, Okra, Abita and Odie. You just couldn't have asked them to pose any nicer for this picture! OK... there is a fence in the way - but still!

Stone is the most unusually colored Weimeraner we've had - such a beautiful slate gray.

Tanner and Montie

Taos and Luna Yona -- 3 month old Great Pyraneese pups.
AKA: Puff1 and Puff2

Who... are always getting into things as you might imagine. Despite whether the other dogs welcome the attention or not!

EVERYTHING is my business, isn't it??

Well -- no, sometimes it isn't!



Boomer would howl on command. We discovered this after the neighbor's burro started braying.. for what ever reason. His response was to howl. Since he's just a mini aussie, his howl is actually pretty cute instead of annoying (well - two or three times in a row it is) so we'd play with him and get him to howl.



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