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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flooring In

Um, behind the times, again, I'm afraid. But here are pics of the wood floor in the basement.

Looks great! Walks, not quite so great. It was awefully squeaky when it just went in. But after 4 weeks I guess it is settling in better.

The base kitchen base cabinets have been in for a few weeks - waiting for the countertop which is scheduled to go in tomorrow. Then we hope to get the appliances in place and Ginger should have a mostly functional kitchen until Mike can come up next weekend and install the upper cabinets and the other last minute touches.

And... Lookee here: more progress already.

So: one advantage of procrastinating is that.. you get more updates at one go. Here's the video hot off the presses - taken not 20 minutes ago.

Nearly Done Phase 2



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