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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Get Dipped

Last night we attended the monthly Chamber of Commerce Afterhours mingler. As it was held at the gym that Dave and I have suddenly been patronizing... like EVERYDAY (a story for another entry) ... I came home early so I could attend with Dave and Ginger. Oddly enough, the Chamber assumes that it's members all work in the area, and thus 5:00 events are reasonable.... hrumph.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun, more so than many. This was partially because of the extra activities they had available - including massages! And parafin treatments. You know - when you dip your hands into liquid wax in order to soften your skin?

I was refilling my glass of wine the office manager, squeezing to get by me, said - I think your husband is getting dipped! I said huh? But she was gone too soon. I went in search, and found these two with their oh so fashionable towels. I observed that here were a couple of guys secure with their masculinity. HEE!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see Dave chose the pink towel over his newly softened hands. Had I known, I would have taken Dave for a Shannon wax. ;-) ~Joe

3/17/08, 1:45 PM  

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