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Monday, July 14, 2008

Carreg Cennen

Hey all - Looks like I took a Sunday off yet again, but yes I'm determined to get this post up for Monday, if later than usual...

After leaving Y Nueadd we were headed for Carreg (Castle) Cennen. These ruins are actually on private farm land and is run by the family who owns the farm. Hows that for bizzare! There are so many castles in Wales that the care and maintenance of some of them have been privatized.

These restored farm building are still working farm buildings. Though they have added on a very nice event room for banquets and events. It would be fun place for a party.

What really surprised us was the state in which these ruins were, and tourists were given free reign to go explore. This could NEVER be allowed in the states. Just the insurance costs would put any private financier out of business right away. Furthermore, all we saw in the way of CYA were a few signs that said "You will find uneven steps, slippery surfaces and *gasp* even large drop offs -- take care and have fun y'all!" (paraphrasing all mine) It was refreshing to think we were actually responsible for our own well being.

Have I mentioned it was absolutly freezing this day? Not actually raining but very cold and windy!

I was really attracted to the arrow slits here, for some reason. This triplet making a nice set. And yes - we could and did walk up the passage way in front of those slits.

Part of what makes this castle so dramatic is it's position on this imposing bluff. The far side is nearly a sheer 300 foot drop. No arrow slits on that side of the castle!

I was so attracted to the arrow slits here I decided to snap a series of pics out of them. A theme which continued later.

Sarah, our B&B host had tipped us that we should opt for renting a 'torch' to explore the tunnel here. Glad she did because we probably would not have otherwise. This tunnel goes down into the bluff on which the castle sits. It was really neat!

Though the entrance was a bit foreboding...

Just inside the gate was a windowed passage down to the bluff surface.

Then steps down and it became decidedly cave-like. Just as we hit the boundary between stone walls and solid rock walls we found a series of little square windows. Just inside that a bunch of cubby holes in the walls -- a dove cot! Doves were used for eggs and food.

Some of the graffiti on this wall went back to the 18 and even 1700's!

Down here at the end, Dave goes - are you ready? I said for wha.... and it goes pitch black. He'd turned off the flashlight! WELL - wasn't exactly ready for THAT. Gave me the creeps for sure. :-)

As we were leaving the sun sorta almost broke through. Beautiful castle, we really enjoyed our visit!



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