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Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Gathering Commences

Upon our return from Blenheim, many brokies had arrived by then at the Hostel. Not all of us were staying there, but a large portion were. Eventually we headed over to the Mitre Pub, which was our official gathering point for the weekend.

We had reserved a meeting room on the second floor of the pub. No bar or food service up there, but as is typical with pubs anyways, we could all pop downstairs and order from the bar. Those bay windows you see below are all into 'our' room - which very comfortably accommodated all of us. We did have a laugh at the front view of the pub - you can see distinct settling of the buildings around the Entrance sign. And that settling was just as noticeable upstairs as we all tripped over the rise in the floor more than once!

Given the number of name tags I'd made the weekend prior, and those I came home with -- my count is 67 people, and I'm sticking to it. :-D

Inside the pub it was just mass hugs and greetings all around

Lots of pictures being taken

Marc, Me, Paula and Jari

Corinne, Andy, and Me

And pictures of pictures being taken...

To break up the evening a little bit, Ted had arranged for the local Ghost Tour guide to give our group a private tour at 9:00 - nearly dark but not quite. His tour normally started just around the block from the Mitre, so about 20 of us headed over there.

Walking through the streets of Oxford, we saw a lot of students about. Because the university was right at the end of term, many of them were running around in graduation robes during the day, and at night dressed up in black tie for celebrations. I can't quite recall which college this is - Oxford Univerity has an amazing 39 or so colleges! Students sleep and eat with their college. General Education requirements are set by the college, but the classes and degree programs are established by the University. Essentially exactly like the college system at UCSD where Dave and I both went, as well as my brother Keith and, recently I heard, my nephew Nick will enroll in the fall.

Anyways, Bill Specter was our guide for the ghost tour. He took us around for about an hour, down alley ways and what not and relating tales of reputed ghosts. He was an entertaining guide, I think everyone had a great time.

Still more portraits being taken

Then it was back to the Mitre for more pints, and associated sillyness.

My Roomies

Ted, Antonella and Dave

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Thanks Monica! I'm still loving your updates!


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