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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun Show, that was actually fun!

Seeing as how I've become incredibly conscious of the fact that about ALL I have posted this summer has been SCA related, I decided I needed to do a non-SCA post first. (There are more waiting in the wings too... to be posted soon)

Anyways as I alluded to the Fun Show was a good day for everyone this year. A very LONG day, but then that was to be expected. I groaned when I realized that we were not only loading the trailer in the dark, before the sun came up, but so too unloaded in the dark after it had set.

Several competing events the day before meant that we would not be able to load the tack into the trailer on Saturday -- which really would be the ideal way to do this. So we got up at 6 and started loading. Also brought the horses in and fed the breakfast. Took the first load over to the fair grounds only 20 minutes late from our 7 am goal. And the second load arrived about 8:45 -- we were FAR and away better timed than last year which had us scrambling, arriving after the first class had started.

And as we only had 17 riders, we had plenty of time for the waiting around part of horse showing. Even consequtive classes with tack changes seemed to be no particular challenge. So - like the title says, it was actually a FUN day for all. Pics:

Oh, right. This picture reminds me to mention Jordan's little hissy fits throughout the day. See him here? WAAAAYYY off on the other end of the shed under which we were grooming all day?

Yeah, well this was because he caught a glimpse of these:

OK, admittedly the costumes were pretty strange, but I don't think it was even the costumes he was freaking out over - it was the miniature horses. Because there were several at the show, most of them NOT dressed up, but everytime he saw one he just started going ballistic!

Jessica, one of our students who showed Jordan, and I while getting ready for the demo, both had the misfortune to have someone riding a mini in the warm up arena at the same time we were warming up. OMG you would think a large, predatory carnivore was after him! Actually just as I was leading him into the warmup -- being our first time EVER to wear his medieval costume so I was already a little antsy about his reaction -- and this kid riding a mini came barreling across the arena, out of control, and nearly runs into us. Oh yeah, that just did wonders for his presence of mind! Thank goodness we don't have any minis on our demo team, and none showed in the same classes he did, so his jitters didn't for the most part affect his performance inside the indoor arena.

Never the less, I told him I was rather unimpressed with his portrayal of an experienced lesson horse -- much less a medieval war horse!



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