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Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Priss

Through most of May and much of June, we had some crazy thunderstorms roll through daily. The typical CO thunderstorm hits about 4 pm, drops a little bit of rain here or there - frequently you can look around and see 3 or more 'cells' of rain as the clouds roll on eastward.

These were crazy storms - full on pouring rain and generally rained solid for as far as you could see. We had a few weeks there where there were tornado warnings almost every day - many people I knew had some sort of sighting story (not myself though).

One day we were out in the pasture working on the horse panels, and it was just beginning to rain. Dave packed up and was driving the tracker back to the house. I had a few more things to do -- and the hail hit with a vengeance.

Me and the horses all ran for the shelter, where upon they did this histerical little dance of "OHH! It's very NOISY in here, we must leave!" "But OH! It's hailing out here!" Most of them had come to their senses quickly. But not miss Shoshoni. Not the Princess. I think she got all upset because I had the camera in my hand and had raised it above my head to try and get a shot of all the horses.

Little did I know it was on video mode -- thus the first gut wrenching flinch in the footage. The second flinch was purely because she was being her flighty self and I didn't want to get smashed against the wall of the shelter.

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