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Friday, July 22, 2011

Last, but not least, St. Gallen!

We left Venice for Switzerland, by way of Milan. Uneventful trip - but I have to comment that those trains are so convenient and comfortable! So smooth. We rather enjoyed our 8 hour trip or so.

Suddenly: We ain't in Italy anymore!

Antonella's a Brokie we met in Oxford. We were roomies then and we were very much looking forward for a return visit! She picked us up at the train station, and ferried us home. Here she stands on the walkway towards her home - a unit in such a beautiful rural neighborhood with a nice community feel to it.

She was so gracious as to fix many wonderful meals for us - which was such a nice change from the restaurant and deli meals we'd been living on.

Antonella's Italian, but has been living in Switzerland for some time now working as a translater. She told us her mother made handmade lace when she was a child - and in fact this is one of her pieces. Sooo cool!

Saturday we went into town for a walking tour. How charming is St. Gallen? VERY.

This is a fancy restaurant just down the block from her home.


I took this one charmed by the Mauve colored tudor timbers. Unfortunately due to the lighting the colors didn't come through in the picture.

Saint Gaul was a monk that came through in the early 600s and set up a hermitage here, and the Abbey was formed the next century. Legend has it that he convinced the bear to bring him firewood - thus the bear stands on the St. Gallen Abbey coat of arms.

We wandered all around town - it was Saturday with the market going and, just a few blocks over was a Green initiative festival going on.

Took in just a few of the decorated windowboxes they are known for.

And as a promotion for a big Equestrian competition near by a bunch of these decorated horses were around town. Couldn't resist capturing Pipi Longstocking!

We had lunch together, then Antonella excused herself to participate in some of the workshops that were part of the festival, while we went back over to the Abbey to do the tour.

Ohh - but not before browsing this pastry shop and a couple samples too!

The Abbey, as mentioned above, was formed in the 700's. As the abbey grew it was a center for the arts, letters and sciences. Today it has an impressive cathedral, and of course it's amazing library.

No photos are allowed, but once again Wikipedia and photos of the post cards we bought come to the rescue! The room itself, is absolutely stunning.

The abbots of St. Galls have done a remarkable job in protecting their library collection throughout the ages. It is today one of the foremost medieval libraries in the world, with over 400 manuscripts date pre-10th century... and by manuscripts we mean hand-written, hand-illuminated texts that are works of art beyond the information contained within.

It just so happened that this year's special exhibit - the books in the display cases on the floor - is of musical texts. As Dave has been singing with the SCA Choir, this was a special treat.

Next door is the cathedral. I especially love the sea-foam green filligrees all over. It was very pretty.

We spent a relaxing evening at Antonella's perusing many of her English copies of guides to the library and other local attractions. As she does translation work for the abbey she has quite the collection and it was all very interesting.



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swiss pasteries.


St. Gallen is most definitely on my bucket list now.

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