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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Holding our breath

Tonight at midnight Vail's IT team will make the big switch over to put our airline reservation system, AirLink, into production. Airlink runs on XP where as the previous app runs on NT - so they will be running around and swapping out newly built computers for each registration agent and taking away the existing ones. Furthermore the AS400 main reservation system also had significant upgrades so that it can talk to Airlink. In short, this is a point of no return.

And what did we find in our email box this morning? Notification from Apollo that they are going to be doing some 'expidited database changes' to their system. Tonight. Between 10 PM and 1 AM. Did they actually send this notification out less than 18 hours before this takes place? No - don't be so silly as to accuse them of that. They actually notified our client previously.

Yesterday - at 4:00 pm.

Never fear, their email says, this will not impact any current system functionality. Uh huh. Wish us luck.



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