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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Horse Antics - First Snow

As my parents were trying to get an early start the morning they left from Thanksgiving, we decided to put off turning the horses out until after they'd left. I kind of regretted that 30 minutes later, since the horses put on such a show of frolicking in the snow. This was the first morning that we'd turned them out and there was appreciable snow in pasture - about 5 inches worth. They usually are eager to leave the barn and get back to pasture, but this morning they all just kind of stood and had to take in the scene for a few moments. Then Jordan plopped right down and rolled all over. He swished his head through the snow even - imagine an equine equivalent of a snow angel. Then he stood up -- and laid right back down on his other side. When he got up, all the snow packed into his coat made him look just a leopard appaloosa (like in this photo):

Romeo, ever #2 in the herd also pawed around looking for a place to roll. But as soon as he got his belly down on the ground he seemed to pause and reconsider, because he then immediately stood back up. Wasn't such a great day for making angels after all I guess.

Back up, Romeo and Jordan started running around and bucking. They even reared up and pawed at each other a couple of times. It was very amusing, and I kicked myself for not having the forethought to take the camera with me.

But that was nothing compared to my stupidity for not having it with me the second morning - when we got a complete repeat performance from each of them!



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