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Thursday, January 06, 2005

We have a Trailer!

Several weeks before Christmas we went to a nearby dealer to look at their brand new trailers. They carry a very utilitarian make which put them more or less in our price range. So the three of us went over to talk about particulars. Of course once you start talking about all the extras you HAVE to add on - by law in Colorado you must have breaks on every axel, and yet only one set of brakes comes with the base price of these trailers... the price was climbing. On a whim we went back to the dealer across the highway which also deals in used trailers. We stop in there every few weeks to see what has come in. And low and behold... there sat a used 4H slant with many of the options we had hoped for from across the street and then some. 4H, steel, slant, 7' tall, 6'6" wide, GN, kick wall on the inside, floor mats, interior lights in the trailer and tack room, and a swing out saddle rack - what else could we want? The price was close to our range, so we went home to stew.

For tax reasons we decided we probably shouldn't purchase a trailer until 2005, but we discussed approaching them to hold it for us, or give them a post dated check, etc. But what with all the hectic holiday running around, and the fact that we never seemed to be able to catch the saleswoman we liked best, we ended up leaving for California without telling them we were interested. We did keep tabs on it on the internet, however. As its listing remained up there we remained hopeful.

Monday Dave and I headed over, and it was not only still available but they were sick of having it on their lot and willing to negotiate. He and Ginger returned later that day and picked it up.

Sorry for the terrible pics, but it was unbelievably cold, almost dark, and the horses were still waiting to be fed.

Then the snow hit and it's been snowing pretty much ever since, so we haven't actually gotten to play with it at all. But we're itching to load up the ponies and see how they like it.



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