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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Full House

We had our second party tonight - this was a (x) co-worker of Ginger's whose brother's in-laws were visiting from Ireland. None have ridden before, so Shalin asked if they could come do a BBQ and then let all 6 of them ride. Again, this doesn't fit into our actual business plan, but what the heck, we're flexible. Dave and Shalin, whose been out to ride with us before, were the extra wranglers to help keep things under control.

Just as I got home they were coming out of the arena to do a little bit of a trail ride around the property. With Dave and Ginger up too it was our first time ever to have all 8 horses out and saddled up at once!

I suppose one of these days we'll quit running out with the camera everytime we do something new with the horses... but for now we're just such proud parents. All the ponies behaved very well for their maiden group outing.



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