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Monday, July 25, 2005

Lance... and Baseball?

Now don't get all in a twitter - I'm not about to suggest that Lance Armstrong pull a Michael Jordan and give his hand a try at another sport, like baseball. (Though rumors are that he might try the sport of Politics?)

Nah - rather last night Dave and I were leaving Brian's house where we got our final fix of the Tour de France coverage, (we don't have cable, so we're stuck watching vicariously through Brian's DVR) and we were discussing going to France some year to catch some of the tour in person. I'd brought it up earlier and we all agreed that it probably wouldn't be very satisfying - seeing as how for so much of the route the riders are passing at 30 miles an hour. The only stages where they are slow enough to really get a look at would be the mountain stages - and those are the places that people camp out for days to secure their spot.

Anyways, as we were leaving I told Dave that it'd probably be just like watching baseball live and how I like it so much better on TV.

But Dave cracked me up by responding that it would only be like baseball if they pitched each pitch in a different ball park! So - yeah - probably not the best excuse to travel to France. Guess I'll need to start thinking up a better one.



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