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Friday, February 24, 2006

Pooped Pups!

In preparing materials for our customers, we created a "What to expect on your first day of Daycare" sheet, compiled from a lot of examples and suggestions on the internet. Number one is always that the new dog, not used to playing hard all day, will likely be tired and sore.

Well, I'll say! Its one thing to read and understand that, it's another to observe it in action. One evening this week I went into the kennel to talk to Dave. We were in there nearly 20 minutes before I remembered that Ruby and DJango were boarding with us that week. They both were out like a light. Dave had forgotten that they needed to go out again before bed time, so we went over to let them out.

"You want me to do WHAT?" they quite plainly said. These two have been in day care 5 days a week for DJango his whole life and Ruby several years. But they's been getting lazy at our place with no other dogs to play with. Now that we'd had some customers and our dogs out there, things are livening up a bit. Little DJango totally had sleepy-eyes and didn't want to get up for anything. But he did, stretching, stumbling and yawning all the way to the door. Eventually he woke up enough to pee, but it took awhile while Dave, Ruby and I all waited to go back inside!

Cisco too started going out for play times this week. We know Cisco is very easily over stimulated. While he's never gotten into trouble at a dog park, he does regularly display the more aggressive behaviors particularly when there is a large group of dogs. So we're being cautious about putting him into the customer mix. Anyways, he's absolutely loving his play dates, but even so, Dave's limited him to only an hour at a time. And now HE can barely get off of his pillow at the end of the day when I come home.

Looks like its working!



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