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Monday, February 20, 2006

Kennel Raising

In case you didn't catch it in the last post, I took last week off of job #1 to work job #2. Since, afterall, we were going to be open for business on Monday.

Oh well, turns out there was plenty for me to do even though we weren't fully open until.... TODAY! *does the party dance*

Here're the photos as promised:

The Contractor starts clearing out

So my camera ledge went away!

First co-mingle group. 2 daycare dogs, our 2 dogs, and the contractor's dog. Exciting stuff!

Our new sign. Almost - this is a banner, the real sign will be a bit bigger. And metal.

The welcome pen, and David supervising daycare. The first comingling of paying client's dogs.

Office desk. Got 2 desks from my company 2 years ago for free. We modified both to put the return on the smaller desk, and shortened the return as well. Fits pretty good now!

Cisco - 3. Toys - 0. In all of about 15 minutes. Thus, the toys were put away when Cisco wasn't being supervised.

For more pictures, see HTDR's site



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