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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Say what?

The other day David reminded me that he'd just remembered that we'd never notified the electric company that our condo had been vacated, and to thus change the billing address to us. It was vacated last October...

Furthermore, since it's been occupied since we moved to Berthoud, we seriously doubt that they would be able to find us even if they did have records that we were the owners.

Suddenly, we were very concerned that the electricity had been shut off. It has electric heat. I'd gone by in November or so to check on the place and at that time had turned the thermostats on to 55 degrees to make sure it wouldn't freeze, but we haven't been back since.

It was Saturday, but I figured the billing department would be open. Of course I had to manoever my way through about 1239 iterations of their automated system:

"Would you like to find your account by your phone number or your account number"

Well, seeing as how we haven't been billed for this 'account' for several years, it certainly isn't under any of our phone numbers. I didn't enter anything.

"Ok, would you like to enter your account number".

No, again, I wouldn't know the account number either.

"Please enter your phone number"

Out of desperation I enter my cell phone number.

"I can't locate an account for that phone number, please enter your phone number".

I try our current home phone thinking that eventually it will figure out I don't have the number.

"I can't locate an account for that phone number, please enter your phone number".

Dave tells me to try our old home number. Which he then amazingly managed to dictate to me from the top of his head.

"I can't locate an account for that phone number, please enter your phone number".

I hit 0 hoping that would break me out of the loop to talk to someone.

... No reponse. Finally I realize it's waiting for the other 9 digits of the phone number. I start hitting numbers at random. Now, that was amusing:

"I can't loc... Please enter ... your account ... mber or account num..."

Then the magic words: "Please hold to speak with a customer service agent."
So I get connected and tell the person that we have a vacant unit that needs to have the billing address changed.

So she says - "OK, I'll transfer you to someone who can help you with that. What state would that probably be in?"

I burst our laughing. Now, I know it's been a few months since we've been there, but the last I looked it was "Probably in Boulder Colorado". I can't describe the looks that Ginger and David, listing to my side of the conversation, gave me at this time. Suffice it to say I had to mute the phone to explain.

In the end, the guy confirmed for me the power had not been turned off. Yea. So then I bit my lip and asked how much the balance on the account was.


I said yeah - there must be some unpaid month's worth of power bills. He said "Oh, it's just been sitting vacant." Ummm, yeah, I'm very aware of that but it isn't like it's not using electricity. I said but the heaters are on... He insisted it was just sitting vacant.

OKAY THEN! I stopped arguing and ended the call.



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