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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Well, we've had Bambi for just over a month now, so thought it was time for a status report. As I go back now to remember what I've said here... I'm surprised it's been almost nothing!!

The week we brought her home I didn't get out to ride Bambi for several days, and by the time I finally had a moment, Ginger mentioned that she was pretty lame. So I went down to get her out and longe her for myself. Extremely lame was the answer -- at the walk but nearly falling over at the trot.

We knew she had a poor shoeing job, so already had the farrier coming out on Saturday to do her. Ginger and Dave had ridden her the week prior and hadn't seen anything. On the day we picked her up I'd thought I'd seen some mis-steps but nothing I was concerned about. But by Thursday she was.. dead lame. Very strange.

Ginger called the person who had her (who is not the owner.. they were borrowing her and it wasn't working out for their child because Babmi is quite a big horse) and she said she didn't know of any reason she'd be lame. But she did confirm that she was in her stall almost exclusively for the few months they had her.

The farrier came on Saturday and diagnosed at least some of the cause of her pain. Her hind shoes were both squishing in on her heels, so she was not willing to stretch her hind legs forward to land on her heels every step. Her fronts... well, just bad shoeing. And the farrier thinks she has foundered sometime recently (observable by a malformation in her hoof walls). New hoof is already growing out nicely, so hopefully 6 months we should have her feet back to their proper condition.

We put Bambi out in pasture and didn't do much with her for a few weeks. When we pulled her out then, she was about 90% recovered! Ginger asked if I would ride her, but I didn't have time so she did and then put a few students up on her. They all fell in love immediately. This past weekend I finally went down to try her out. She is a great horse! They'd originally tried her out western, so Ginger didn't know how fabulous she is going english.

She is still struggling with some lameness, but we're counting on that being a matter of a lack of conditioning. We're riding her gently several times a week. Last Monday I worked from home and Dave and I rode at lunch. He rode Babmi and I rode Jordan: our two big bays. They'd make quite the matched pair except that Jordan is already a big furry monster for winter, and she has not grown even a hair of winter coat. We're thinking she's been in a stall for a lot longer than just the past few months.



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