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Saturday, October 07, 2006


On the way to the airport in Chicago, I asked Dean what his schedule was for driving home. He was going to visit one of our group in Ohio for a few days, and thought he'd be back in Denver on Thursday. Just as we were having this conversation, Phyllis called me.. partially to see why I hadn't blogged on the Chicago portion of my trip - LOL!

But talking to her I remembered that she and Mike were due back at our house on Thursday night as well, on their way down to the Alpaca show in Castle Rock. Cool!, I said, it will be a mini reunion.

As I was driving home from work on Thursday, trying to beat everyone to my house, I saw a little red Toyota that looked strangely familiar. But I thought there was no way it could be Dean, since this car was a mile too far south on I-25 for the way I'd told him to go. But I called... and sure enough it was him. Turns out he'd missed the turn and had had to backtrack a bit to get onto I-25. This is just so indicative of so many things that happened over our trip - the little coincidences that made things work out really well.

Friday Phyllis and Mike didnt have to check into the show until noon. Dean was on his way back to LA. So the 4 of us decided to go to Black Hawk to pay a visit to Phyllis' new Alpaca baby! Not wanting to pull the trailer and alpaca all the way up into the mountains, we ditched two cars in Golden at my friends' house and drove up together.

Before hitting the road, we were treated to the most spectacular sun rise:

Quemado is the cutest thing ever!

The proud parents -- all three of them!

From there Phyl and Mike went on to Castle Rock for their show, Dean hit the highway Las Vegas bound, and I.. well I just went back to work. Hrumph. Can't wait to see how Phyl and Mike, or rather Cracker Jack, does at the show!

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