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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ba la la la, La Bamba

Meanwhile as I try and get my head back into my real life, things have been happening back at the ranch.

Tuesday we went and picked up a new horse! This is from our Vet, who is looking for a new home for her. She's a very nice looking Trakehaner mare, about 16 years old. Hefty girl, she's our second biggest now. Though in weight I'm sure she's rivaling even Jordan. Haven't gotten up on her yet, Ginger and David both rode her last week when they went to look at her the first time and obviously liked her. Maybe tonight...

Her barn name is Amy, which we aren't fond of. Her registered name is La Bamba -- closer. Then Dave yesterday uttered Bambi... We'll see what starts to stick.

I can't wait until we all get up on our matching trio of bays. That will be a picture!



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