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Thursday, December 07, 2006

In the Press!

So, been on this project for a little over a week, and it’s already getting press. Ha ha, I think this was a good time to come on board!

Boeing held their grand opening for the new gallery facility they’ve built for the purpose of configuring new 787’s – of which the software I’m working on plays a central part. Employees and family were invited… oh and I was too. :) Didn’t get to attend as I was here, but I’m going out next week and our guy said he’d give us a tour for sure.

There are a few screen shots in the news clip here:
Virtual Rollout of the B787

Meanwhile… my job has been off to a very slow start. The guy I’m here to take a load off of has been on vacation for a week, and is off again today and tomorrow (to work with Lucas Arts, by the way – have I mentioned we have high profile clients? Not bad for a 40 person company.) So I’m doing a lot of self study. Oh well, I guess this might be typical, but this feeling like I don’t know what is going on is incredibly foreign, and frustrating to me.

The best thing so far about this job? I have a bus pass, AND a bus that starts from 10 minutes from my house to 2.5 blocks away from my office. It's a 50 minute ride and runs during commuting hours every 15 minutes. It's FABULOUS! I'm getting a lot of reading done on the bus, and am loving it.



Blogger amdaz said...


So exciting!
400 planes so far, that alone must mean several years at the very least.

Good for you.

I can't work on a moving vehicle,give me nothing but headache. LOL!
Good thing it didn't affect you, 50 minutes (one way?) sounds like alot of time to get work done.

12/8/06, 4:59 PM  
Blogger Summor said...

Monica, I'm so proud of your new job and taking on this opportunity. The first few weeks are always hard at figuring things (and people) out and trying to understand how everything functions. I'm sure things will settle down, and you'll be running the show smoothly and efficiently. You'll blow them away.

And, yay, on the bus ride. What a great way to unwind after a busy day and take time for yourself. And reading is always a good thing. :-)


12/10/06, 4:48 PM  
Anonymous Rhonda Smith said...

You just crack me up... I asked Stacy how you are doing and she sent me this link. I am glad to hear you are doing well at your new job. Sounds exciting, though I so understand the frustration from being in a new position too. Isn't riding the bus GREAT. Do they need an SA? hehehehehehe
Did anybody ever tell you, you should be a writer. I thouroughly enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving week with the dogs too.

12/12/06, 5:52 AM  

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