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Monday, November 13, 2006

And Tom comes through again!

We were kind of dreading the kennel delivery because we figured we'd have no choice but to break down the crates inside the truck and carry the pieces off one at a time. Last time we managed to finagle the crate down off the truck using a combination of the tractor bucket and the lift gate on the truck, but these crates were bigger. AND, I wasn't going to be able to take the day off. And our neighbor Patrick wouldn't be home untl 4:00.

Well, what did Dave spy over at the neighbor's place this weekend? A forklift!!! Bingo - just what we needed. And Dave gets to add another toy to his list of equipment he knows how to operate:

Ohh, guess tomorrow night we get to try our hands at assembling these things so that by Thursday, when we have folks coming over to help... we know what we are doing.



Blogger amdaz said...

This is so awesome. :)

Thank you for posting the pictures.

Place is looking really great.
HOw do you keep them so clean with all the contruction going?

I'm VERY impressed!

11/16/06, 7:05 PM  

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