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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Did a little data mining over the holiday - just because we actually had a few moments to spare (a little shockingly) and what else do you do to entertain yourself and your staff when you dare not open the door into the kennel because the 60 dogs in there have finally all settled down and are quiet??

Our most popular dog names?

Jake - 10
Buddy / Molly / Bear - 7 each
Buster / Bailey / Roxy / Maggie - 6 each

How many dogs do we have where we have only 1 instance of that name?
An astonishing 422! Some of those are bogus data, but on the other hand we have a whole lot of names like: Dresden, Hundo, Iz-u, Bluevon, Chisholm, Brulee, Sparkle, Rheubull, T-Bone, Luna Yona, Makekai, McFudge, Lily Bean, Lulu Bear, Posole, and Norbert... just from a quick scan of that list.

How many customers have we had?

358 customers have boarded with us
199 customers have > 1 boarding reservation (not canceled),
159 customers have only ever had 1 boarding reservation.

572 different dogs have stayed with us
440 have come to day care
500 have boarded with us

What incredible coincidence it was to have just booked our 500th boarding dog when we started looking at this -- because I'm pretty sure if I did those stats again today they would be different. We thought for a while we should identify who that 500th was, but, actually turns out it's pretty hard to define just who that would be so I'm gonna let it slide. I know - it's definitely taking the easy way out there!



Blogger Phyllis Swenson said...

Bet you don't have any dogs named "Rivey"!

11/27/07, 8:19 PM  
Anonymous KittyHawk said...

Hey, Mon, thanks for the reminder to catch up on your blog. Loved the music videos and all the dog pics. The 2 great Pyrenees pups remind me of a new hobby a friend and I have picked up - dog transportation! Shelters around here are over-run with dogs without homes and when someone in another location wants one of them for adoption or to train as a service dog, she and I are on the list to give the pups a ride to a better place. So far we both collaborated to transport a 70-lb. black lab named Jo-Jo to Cincinnati to his new career as a service dog, and then my friend transferred 3 Great Pyrenees pups to a rescue organization in southern Indiana. It seems the Amish around here operate puppy mills, try to sell the pups at auction, and if they don't sell, they just turn them loose to fend for themselves. These three pups are going to need some major work in becoming socialized. They'd been running loose for a while before the shelter finally got them.

11/30/07, 9:31 PM  
Blogger Faye said...

Hi Monica--kittyhawk re-linked me to your blog because of my obsession--in a good way--with dogs. I checked out your Gr Pyr pup pictures immediately because of recent experiences described in kittyhawk's comment. Our three were wet, scared, and one ready to bite but they're in good hands now so they can be adopted. If only we could save more. . .

Actually, I need to give you some credit. When I started my own blog back in May, LW linked me to your site and you gave me some ideas for starting up my own blog, so thanks!

Good luck with your resort for dogs. I'm lucky enough to have a good place to take my boy Willie when I travel and it's a great comfort to know that he's safe and happy when I'm away.

I'll drop back by frequently to check on things at Sun Pony Ranch.

12/2/07, 3:54 AM  
Blogger Dean said...

Wow, not often you showed your nerdy side ... LOL!

Though I must admit that I found this totally fascinating. What's with Jake? Maybe you need to do another survey to find out more, for instance are the owners of Jake male or female? If they are female have they seen BBM ?



12/12/07, 6:38 PM  

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