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Monday, November 26, 2007

Young Wild Things

Friday night Dave and I took off from the kennel to go see Fall Out Boy and entourage in concert (on the Young Wild Things tour). As it was the day after Thanksgiving I figured my nieces Kelsey and Sara would be up at Phyllis's for the holiday, so we'd invited them to go with us: because I thought they'd be interested -- but also somewhat to give us our 'cover' as to why we were attending a show that attracts primarily teen aged fans. LOL. Our plan worked perfectly. Before and after the show a number of strangers just asked us about the concert, and I kept saying "how did they know we were going/went?" Dave just pointed at Sara and her best goth/emo/fan girl outfit and then it all made sense.

Mike and Phyllis drove the girls up to Denver and the plan was for us to get dinner together, and while we were at the concert they were going to jaunt up to Black Hawk to pick up one of their alpaca and babies. Well, Phyl called me mid day to inquire about our weather -- it was fine. Cold and gray, but dry. They were getting a lot of snow, but figured it was just local to them. Not so lucky, they fought icy roads, snow, and very slow traffic all the way to Denver -- and called fearing that they might miss more than just dinner. But that didn't happen and we grabbed a sandwich together within walking distance of the concert. They, however, had decided not to try and fight the travel home that night (it was already long past the possibility of driving into the mountains to pick up the alpaca) so they found a motel and chalked the trip up to practicing driving the trailer in really bad conditions.

Dave first pointed out a Fall Out Boy (FOB) song on the radio to me this summer, and I liked it enough to get their album. Which I also liked right away. The funny thing was that I got both FOB and Fountains of Wayne at the same time, and I know for the first few weeks I had trouble separating the two groups! This is amusing, because now the two bands don't bear any resemblance to each other for me. Ah well.

Then I started reading up on the band, and discovered Pete Wentz, and I was fascinated. (Pete's a founder of the band, is the bassist, lyricist, and basically the front man despite not being the lead singer) Many people despise him, and that's to be expected of anyone who presents such a public persona. But you can't fault his energy or ingenuity... Far beyond fronting a very popular band, he owns an indie record label that has fostered a number of other very popular bands. He owns a clothing line. He owns a film company, co-owns a bar in NY, has one published book and a second in the works... It's dizzying. And fascinating. Saw a quote from him at one point that said "if you're going to be big, it's inevitable that your band will become corporate. So - why not BE the corporation?"

I was fascinated enough that for Halloween I dressed up as Pete Wentz, and Dave went as Ryan Ross -- Pete's buddy who's in the band 'Panic! at the Disco'.

They were fun costumes!!

But mostly I like FOB's music. So when I looked and found they were playing in Denver over the holiday - I was off to get tickets like that.

The show -- unfortunately was a huge disappointment in that our seats had truely horrible accoustics. I mean like - I'm a fan, and on some songs I couldn't even tell whether I knew them or not. >:( Nor could we understand what any of the speakers had to say in between songs. So that was really annoying.

But it's never a total loss, the show was well staged and entertaining. And it was FOB after all!!! (obligatory squee) Actually as I mentioned in my last post, Plain White Ts were there as an opener and they were really good too. I wasn't so impressed with Gym Class Heros -- though they consistently get good reviews from reviewers along this tour. I'm just not sure why.

Click to see bigger versions


The acoustic set -- which interestingly enough, we could actually hear.

Staging for "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" (yes, those are flames back stage, not lights)

Last song -- Pete took the mic. To sing what... I have no idea, dammit!



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LOL! You looked like Anne Rice.

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