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Monday, June 23, 2008

Before we go...

Monday morning:

It's our final morning in Oxford, and with the Brokies. I suppose I should start packing up my room, but I'm compelled to write a bit about our stay. Really haven't had much time for reflection so far. Funny, for a weekend that was loosely structured to begin with we managed to keep it jammed packed with activities regardless.

It has been a fantastic time again, as I expected. The Hostel has been an ideal gathering point for those staying here. The breakfasts served being large and plentiful... As long as you show up before 9:30 when it ends, for they end abruptly and without question! (Yes, we have had first hand experience with this a few times during our stay!)

The lack of cheap internet probably has been my only complaint here - but c'est la vie. As we head off today to the wilds of Wales we may not find any internet at all, so I wanted to get at least this one blog post up. There is so much to say and pictures to share -- I won't be able to do justice to any of it so I will not try until when we return.

We've lucked out with 3 days of spectacular weather and only 1 of drizzle and cold. Even that was manageable so it's been great. Friday a group of us went out to see Blenheim Palace, and in fact we saw only some of the grounds but they were impressive enough. Friday night was the first main gathering event - we reserved the second floor room at a pub downtown for us to just sit and chatter. Ted arranged for a ghost tour for our group at 9, just as it was getting dark. That was fun as the guide was quite a character.

Saturday was the rainy day. We did quite a bit more walking this day, which unfortunately has been quite hard on David this trip. He's been having hip pain the past month or so, and worked with several physical therapists and doctors to get it resolved before coming, but hasn't found the cure just yet. So we've been trying to take advantage of the busses and taxis as much as possible. Saturday night we were back at the Mitre pub.

Yesterday not much was planned. As a group left the Hostel to just wander around, I suggested we pop down the river path just a bit. We ended up walking a mile or so along the canal which was beautiful. In meandering back through town we passed through neighborhoods, caught a glimpse of a cricket game as we walked through the University Parks, and then found lunch in the gardens of St. Mary's cathedral. At 1:30 a bunch of brokies gathered at the Magdalen Bridge boat house to go punting. Only to discover that most of them were there to spectate only! We ended up having 1 paddle group, one row boat group, and 2 punts go out. Ted and I being the only ones interested in trying out the actual punting. It was fabulous fun! Sunday evening was the movie and then a long winding down period at a large pub down the street.

So here it is Monday morning, and we really should be packing up to get a move on. Our roommies have been wonderful companions this weekend, as has everyone really. As I mentioned, Dave and I will be off in a rental car later today to finish out our trip driving down little hedge-lined lanes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time Monica!

Magdalen Bridge boat house to go punting - You must explain punting in your next post.

Safe Travels,

6/24/08, 9:49 AM  

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