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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week In the Life - Saturday

Huurm. It is in fact Sunday. What can I say? We had a full day yesterday. :-) Because I cannot NOT comment on it, we went to the Estes Park Wool Show yesterday. Aparently one of the largest in the nation for showing different types of fleeces and the animals that produce them. And then what you DO with it -- that was pretty impressive, actually!

Jasper 9:18 am

Monster Machine : 9:48 am

Another odd sheering pattern : 1:58 pm

Sheering : 1:08 pm

Herding Demo : 2:14 pm

More fiber products than ever seen before! : 3:00 pm

Poor Babies : 3:37 pm

Who, me?? : 3:56 pm



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