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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Made it!

So I wrote the entry below, and then realized that it might be due some sort of intro, because you may not know that Dave and I are heading to England for 10 days! We have always loved travelling in the UK, so last year when a brokie event in Oxford started to be batted around, I was quick to jump on board. We're here for the weekend to meet up with 65 or so brokies, then wil toodle around another 4 days on our own after that.

We've made it here - all travels so far have been uncomplicated. Did have a flurry of frustration at the gate in Denver as I rushed to post my final Week in the Life blog entry; the free wireless just wasn't cooperating. I managed to get it posted to this blog here, but live journal, where I've been cross posting, wasn't so easily conquered. Not for lack of effort I tell you - Dave ended up holding the laptop as I typed as we stood in line to board... Alas, I tossed in the towel. Those folks will just have to wait til I find wifi in Oxford to get their update.

In Denver we met up with Deb who was on our flight, but then were surprised to see Frank was on it too! Frank is from Germany and had come to Colorado for the other BBM gathering at the beginning of June, travelled to the Grand Canyon and area in the interim, and now is headed to Oxford with us.

At Heathrow I retrieved a voicemail saying John was delayed several hours and we should go on without him. But we then found Ted waiting to greet us coming out of customs. We chatted a bit, then sent him off to rent his car while we went on to the bus station and collected Bob. Whew! I'm loving this not even getting there yet but having rubbed elbows with quite a few acquaintences already!

I heard some coach services offer wifi on their route, but apparently not this one, so will have to post this later.

~Ciao for now!~

Huh! Everyone else seems to have dozed off on me.
(snapped a pic, but as i'm posting this with my phone - not doing that.)

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