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Thursday, June 05, 2008


No, Jordan and I have not yet progressed to Jousting. ;-D That's one of the most advanced forms of the medieval Equestrian activities, requiring a much more strict level of armor and skills-authorization. In fact no one up in our barronies practices Jousting though I know some are keen to start.

But these two links came through recently on the email list, and I just cannot help but to share them with you.

Littlest jouster ever. This article is just too damn cute. A 7.2 hand pony? ROFLMAO!

This is a photo album from another SCA event in Austin Tx, where they did do full on jousting. The photos are truely amazing, such as this one.
(All photos taken by a Josh Baker of Azulox photograpy)


SCA Jousting is done with breakaway tips and points are scored for how many pieces the tips break into, etc. (As opposed to trying to actually knock your opponent off of their horse.)

See the whole album here.



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