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Monday, November 10, 2008

Keeping it Regular

So there's this group out there promoting the act of blogging, and has thus issued a challenge to folks to blog every day in a month. The month of November, actually - so they are well on their way into this challenge -- amusingly called Na Blo Po Mo. (National Blog Posting Month)

Now, exactly why they think it's a good thing to encourage daily blogging, I'm not all that sure. And the thought of doing so myself was so ludicrous that I never got beyond the incredulity. But I have been thinking that I need a schedule to aim towards, to keep me writing. And to keep you visiting.

So I've decided to blog once a week. Ideally by Wednesday. And isn't it convenient that I already have 4 week's track record! ;-D

Here's to seeing ya around --



Blogger Dean said...

He he ...
That's simply cheating.
You MUST post additional 4 for the month. Once a week.
I'm very much unanimous in this ! ALL of the committee members in my head agrees !

11/11/08, 10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading them!

Dean - LOL at the committee in your head!


11/12/08, 11:04 AM  

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