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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


A few months ago Ginger received an unusual call; one of our very good kennel customers had been taken to the hospital and no one was available to care for her dog. Ginger immediately went over to pick up Snickers to bring her here. After that incident, we learned that Judy was very ill, and it wasn't long before she took leave from work -- meaning that we didn't see Snickers as a regular day care dog anymore. But she still brought Snickers in occasionally and stayed in touch.

The morning after Christmas, Ginger received a second such call from the neighbor. She again went and collected Snickers. It was a few days later that we got a call from Judy's son, with news that it looked like Judy was not going to recover. Both sons had come from out of state, and were in the process of carrying out her last wishes. Astonishingly, one of which was that Snickers become Ginger's dog.

Ginger has always intended to get another dog, since Patches passed November a few years ago, but hasn't done so. She and Judy never spoke of this arrangement, but somehow it feels kind of natural. So Snickers made the transition from staying in the kennel to shadowing Ginger all over the property. She's a cute, spunky little thing, long ago having won the hearts of our kennel staff. We have yet to get her and our dogs introduced to the idea of sharing the house together, but that will come.

Our thoughts go with Judy, of course. We're attend her memorial service is this afternoon. We'll take comfort solely in the thought that she is relieved of the suffering she's been going through and in knowing that 'Little Snicks' is in good hands.



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