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Thursday, December 18, 2008

So that's FOB

Just about a year ago we joined up with our neices, Kelsey and Sara, to see Fall Out Boy in concert. See them we did. Hear them -- not so much. (grrr) The acoustics in the venue were so poor we will never see another concert in a stadium that holds thousands of people.

So when we heard FOB was coming to town again our ears were cautiously pricked. When we heard they were coming to play in a 1400 person theater? OMG we jumped on those tickets.

And then we heard one of the warm up bands was Meese - a local Denver band that we're fans of and we got more excited for the show. It took several weeks before they lined up / announced the second band on the ticket... and when that turned out to be The Academy Is... we just couldn't have been more excited. Three bands we totally wanted to see!

And then we heard the parade of lights was the same night... things nearly came crashing down. But then we figured that we typically make it to concerts too early and end up getting borred waiting around anyways - so we'd go down after the parade. In the end it worked really well, we still got to see the 2 most popular songs from Meese, and then all of TAI and FOB.

FOB just blew us away. Such a completely different show than the first time. We had a fantastic time.

The guys have choreographed light-up guitars they use for "I Don't Care". Was way cooler than the picture suggests, tho. ;-D



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