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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ain't they cuties?!

Quickie post with some memorable pics from last week. Alas, these all seem to be from the same group of dogs - aparently I only had the camera out (and the sun was out at the same time) when I was with them. Oh well.

I personally prefer what we call the 'Slow' playing group - those of the small dogs and / or slow moving dogs that don't play aggressively. The faster groups just take a lot more effort to manage, IMO! Anyways, this was one spectacularly sunny morning.

Buster's an adorable tiny Boston Terrier - much smaller than is typical for the breed. But he did have a rather annoying squeal / screech that he would go on and on with... T-Bone, behind him, is just an incredibly patient, pleasant dog. Never far away, he'd just watch you constantly for the ever potential pat that might come his way.

Buster also has the heart of a much larger dog -- especially when it came to games of tug! Willie here certainly out weighs him 5 or 6 times, but that doesn't slow Buster down for a second. Even though he was getting dragged around everywhere.

Sadie - a cutie pie with very expressive ears, and a surprisingly loud bark. Particularly when you were standing NEAR the ball - not THROWING it.

Sophie learned to get up in the playset -- and OMG that was the GREATEST thing to do the rest of her stay. She loved wrestling with others, frequently Jewel, from up there.

Maddie, now, is something else altogether. She also is small for her breed - she's a black pug. With personality enough for several dogs!

Here's Maddie and Piper -- miss thimble bladder herself -- in my lap.

Queen of the table

Maddie, Piper and Jewel

One night Dave and I were doing last turnout, and I ended up taking 4 of the really small dogs into a timeout pen to play out of reach of some of the more annoying bigger dogs. OMG, they had so much fun! I kneeled down, and they were all trying to climb into my lap. Holding Maddie, she actually managed to climb all the way to my shoulders! Fearful she'd fall, I squatted down thinking she'd jump off. No -- she loved nothing more than to be above all the other dogs (Note the 'in the chair' and 'on the table' pictures above). So I started leaning over, encouraging her to jump off. She was having nothing of that. I finally got down on all fours and put my shoulders to the ground -- and she propmptly scrambled up to my butt to perch there! Dave was laughing his head off. I finally had to just stand up to evict her.

BenBen, now, is probably one of the most unusual dogs we've ever had. Called an Ori-Pei, she is a Shar Pei / Pug mix. About the size of a pug, but she has this Shar Pei head that was totally too big for her body! Very funny looking, but she was such a sweet dog.

Now, doesn't Daisy look like the real-life caracature of some old cartoon dog-sidekick? We both thought so, but couldn't name the cartoon for the life of us. So who knows, maybe we're just making it up. But she had just such a funny face you couldn't help but smile at her.

Reuben, or Rubee as we often call him, is a frequent guest of ours. He and his brother T-Bone (first picture above) stay with us every few months. Both are aged, and slow moving, but cute as the day is long.

Ozzy is a silly young Weaton Terrier whose also been with us semi-frequently.

Tobi and Kona are 'brothers'. Not your typical border collies - in that we felt suitable placing them in the 'slow' play group! But one thing was always for sure - you could get Kona's undivided attention anytime you called his name!



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