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Saturday, August 08, 2009

BART; the City and other Wildlife

Continuing the story of our Vacation (part one below)...

Sunday morning was low key. The hotel was in Fisherman's Wharf, so we strolled down there for a while. By now we all had our trademark sweatshirt purchases!

At noon we had plans to meet up with other locals for Dim Sum - and had a grand time of it. We were in the neighborhood, so afterwards stopped in at:

That night Dean took us to North Beach for dinner. On the way we passed the club that Chris Isaak based his TV show at - so it was a little thrill to happen upon it.

The food was fantastic at this Italian Restaurant... unfortunately we absolutely froze our asses off sitting outside! The wind picked up and was nearly the end of us. Haha. Oh well - never again, I'll say.

One of our goals, enumerated before the trip, was to get out and see some redwoods. Many people recommended we go up to Muir Woods, across the Golden Gate in Marin. Well, all those people were right - it really is a spectacular tiny niche of forest. By chance I had noticed that this weekend was supposed to be one of three weekends of the year where admittance to the park was free. At first I cheered -- and then though, UhOH! Not wanting to brave even bigger crowds than normal, we opted to make our visit to the woods Monday morning, and I'm glad we did.

Leaving the woods we drove up the coast past Stinson Beach aways to find lunch in a cute bar/restaurant.

And finally circled around back to the city:



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