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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heavy hearts

It is with a heavy heart that I bring the sad news that I lost my beloved little dog, Snickers, on Tuesday. Snickers died in a freak accident when she chased a mouse under a heavy hay tarp and got trapped inside the folds. By the time we found her there, soon after we realized she was missing, it was too late. She was a very good mouser, and was successful in her last hunt as the mouse was there with her. As our official “Ambassadog” and Kennel “Greeter Dog” at Happy Tails, Snickers was known and loved by hundreds of her doggie friends and their owners. The irony is, that if she had been playing in the dog yards, she would have been safe. However, she loved the freedom of roaming the ranch and playing with the kids who come to Horse Camp, so she was not in the kennel yards that day. There are hundreds of riding students, Horse Camp students, and their families who also loved her. As my constant companion, I miss her very much; as does her entire, very large extended family. Snickers was 7.



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