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Monday, October 11, 2004

AirLink is Live!

The good news is that the GWS database upgrade didn't impact us. However, the fact that the production username / password for Apollo did not work most certainly did. We started out calling our direct rep, who gave us a production-support number. Only problem was that in production support there are only 2 people with access to check passwords... and of course they were not around at 9 pm. Pretty rapidly we ran through a string of supervisors and other resources, none of whom actually had power to help. At 11:00 we acquired a projector and fired up the DVD movie someone had brought with them - "Office Space". It felt rather appropriate. What with having to stop the movie everytime someone called us back, we made it about half way through by 1 am, at which point a few of us left so that at least part of the team would be conscious in the morning. Ultimately the evening ended about 3:15 am when our core developers managed to get things worked out with Apollo.

Anyways, the final build was ready for us at 7:00 am to start installing on all of the upgraded client machines. A few kinks showed up, but overall installation went very well. Some Agents were up and running as of 8:00 am taking calls. We wandered the aisles for a few hours, mostly answering functionality questions. By lunch things were running smooth enough that the team took the opportunity to go out to eat something other than fast food for the first time in several days. It was a welcome change.

Sunday we got fantastic news - on the first day of production with a brand new application, the reservation department booked twice the air reservations than they did the previous Friday with fewer overall incoming calls!

Back by popular demand, most of the team is back here in Keystone for the first half of this week to wrap up loose ends. We're looking forward to maintaining a regular schedule this week, and I'm looking forward to Dave coming up to join me tomorrow giving him an overdue opportunity to get away from the Ranch.



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