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Monday, January 31, 2005


Ya think these horses were happy to be back in pasture?

Midday Sunday we finally had enough of the fence up to bring them back in. We led them down to pond to see it up close, but that was hardly an easy task as they were all so excited to be in pasture again. Finally we turned them free and they tore off to the far side of the pasture - and stayed there. It seemed they weren't as interested in the new fence as we thought they would be.

Meanwhile we finished up the last of the tensioning,

And, if you can believe it, raising t-posts (after all that effort to put them in last week!) Shown below is the first of 3 differnt puller designs Dave came up with. Worked great, but broke pretty quickly. Second one wasn't so effective. Third design will have to be the charm I guess.

Finally, we finished up and left the pasture to load the tools in the truck. We had barely shut the gate when Romeo shows up inspecting the entire fence. Stuck his head through the wires even (Dave had yet to hook up the electricity).

Moments later the other two stooges showed up and the three of them had a romp up and down the new boundary.

So, they really just didn't want us to know that they were curious about the fence!



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